• The simple truth is this: we would’ve founded Nora just as an excuse to import seaweed snacks for ourselves. When taking trips to Thailand, Korea, Japan or China, we inevitably returned with our suitcases bulging with crunchy seaweed treats. But we never had enough to satisfy our cravings. Something had to be done.

  • So rather than hoard all of this umami goodness to ourselves we decided to launch Nora to provide our favorite seaweed snacks to all of North America, home to the world’s most discriminating and adventurous snackers. One taste and we think your taste buds will agree that Nora is like a trip through Asia, no passport required.

We celebrate you, the adventurer, the explorer of new people, places, and flavors.

How We Started

"We believe that food culture is not only enjoyable to experience but also a powerful bridge between people. Therefore, we decided to launch Nora Snacks to make our favorite seaweed snacks available throughout North America and to introduce some of the world's most adventurous snack enthusiasts to one of Thailand's most cherished traditional snacks."

A bag of Tempura Seaweed Spicy Flavor 45g


The idea of Nora Snacks was born as a way to share Asia's favorite seaweed snacks to North America.

A suitcase full of Nora Seaweed Snacks


Nora Snacks launch with 3 SKUs: Original Crispy, Original Tempura, and Spicy Tempura after a year of finalizing the formula and getting Non-GMO Verified certifications.

Whole Foods store entrace where Nora Seaweed Snacks are sold


Accepted into 3 regions, Nora Snacks is available in Whole Foods Market!

Nora Seaweed Snacks displayed on sore shelves


Despite a rough few years having gone through a global pandemic unlike the world has seen, we continue to build momentum. Picking up additional retailers including: Albertsons/Safeway, Wegmans, Sprouts, Giant Martin's, and many more!

Young woman holding up two bags of Nora Seaweed Snacks

2022 -

More exciting news on the horizon. Stay Tuned!

  • Asians have enjoyed the great flavor and excellent health benefits of seaweed for thousands of years as both a meal, meal accompaniment and as a snack. Now, with the expansion of sushi and other Asian cuisines around the world, seaweed is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing food categories in the entire world.

    In ancient times, Pyropia, or red seaweed (gim, in Korea, or nori, in Japan) was harvested by fishermen from rocks and driftwood and so valuable as to be included in a bride’s dowry. But it wasn’t long before industrious farmers and fishermen devised ways to cultivate seaweed on bamboo stalks and nets, a practice that survives even today.

    At Nora we source our nori from our farms in the protected bays of Korea, we select only the finest, high-quality product available.

  • Nora Seaweed Snacks 5 Stars Review


    "People, I got these delicious snacks last weekend in the grocery. I love them so much, I ordered them in bulk, so that I can bring them with me on a trip. They are crunchy and salty and I just can not get enough. I have to ration them, so that I can enjoy them daily."

    - Lisa S.

  • Nora Seaweed Snacks 5 Stars Review


    "I take them to work to snack on. They are amazing! I love the flavor. The spicy is not that spicy but I love to mix them up just grabbing one and tasting the surprise. I hope they are good for me bc I absolutely love them!"

    - Zetastar

  • Nora Seaweed Snacks 5 Stars Review

    Favorite Seaweed Product

    "I am a longtime consumer of seaweed products, and these by far are my favorite! I’ve ordered this from Amazon more than once. The shape and packaging is definitely more convenient than rival products (I.e. Kirkland Seaweed) and I can’t describe why, but it tastes better than other salted seaweed snacks..."

    - Cynthia Perez

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